Arte Novi Clinic has evolved!

The team behind the Arte Novi Clinic have evolved. The services of Dr.Sam van Eeden are now available through our fantastic new websites, NuaCell Regenerative Medicine, and Circumcision Dublin Ireland.

Same comfortable and confidential clinic, same great staff, same gold standard care.



NuaCell Clinic now provides all of Dr.Sam’s Regenerative, Aesthetic, Orthopedic and Functional Medicine Services, including:

– IV Therapy for Health and Wellness

– Sports Injury/Musculoskeletal Injuries

– Regenerative and Stem Cell Based Therapies

– Hair Restoration

– Skin Restoration and Enhancement

– Fillers, Aesthetic Facial Procedures

– Lumps and Bumps

– Male and Female Sexual Enhancement Procedures



Circumcision Dublin Ireland is Dr.Sam’s male health clinic, specializing particularly in:

– Circumcision

– Vasectomy

– Male Enhancement


Frequently Asked Questions

What's the new name for the clinic?

The main clinic for all of Dr.Sam’s original services, as well as all of the Regenerative, Aesthetic, Orthopedic and Functional Medicine Services is now called NuaCell Regenerative Medicine.

The Male Health clinic is now called Circumcision Dublin Ireland.

What happens to the old Arte Novi Clinic?

This page will remain to direct old and new Arte Novi Clinic customers to the new websites. The original phone number and contact details will also still work. 

What about the reviews on WhatClinic?

Any review left by a client of the clinic under the Arte Novi name is still relevant, as the only change that has been made is to the name and website, the procedure is still performed by the same doctor (Dr.Sam van Eeden) in the same clinic. 

I'm long time customer from Arte Novi, Can I still contact Arte Novi clinic?

Absolutely. Details of previous and current patients of the Arte Novi clinic will remain on our system and this rebranding will not affect the ongoing relationship we have with our clients in any way. 

Is there a new doctor?

No. All procedures in the clinic are still carried out personally by Dr.Sam van Eeden. 

Why did you change the name?

We updated the name of our clinic to be more accessible and relevant to our clients, and to make it easier to find our services for those in need. 



If you would like any more information on any of the services provided by NuaCell or Circumcision Dublin Ireland, please don’t hesitate to contact us using the details below:

NuaCell Regenerative Medicine:



Circumcision Dublin Ireland: